Shenzhen Team Lion Team Opening the General Assembly - College Campaign


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Shenzhen Team Lion Team Open the General Assembly - College Election August 7, 2018, the Lion Team Launched the General Assembly held in Shenzhen Longgang, as an excellent plastic bottle manufacturer of Huizhou, the beautiful fruit team and five people rush to the venue. When you arrive, you can see that many people are laying the venue. It seems that everyone is very much looking forward to the next activity after a passionate money to dance, please ask our Liu Shirai to share, Liu Shi ordli is a small The story leads to the truth, sharing four success secrets for everyone: first desperate! The second carefully! The third active sharing! The fourth brave is the first! The sharing of Liu Shi, the declaration of the political commissar made the atmosphere of the scene, and there was a climax of the arrival of a climax. The big show, I am inspected that you have cast a valuable vote, the fierce declaration of small venues and laughter is deafening, and it is likely to open the roof. Time turns too much, the fourths of the Fourth University, have already appeared.

Next is the oath of each dean. Holding a punch, loudly declared, and it is bound to have a beautiful fruit plastic team to swear on the annual goal. Beautiful fruit plastic 13 years focuses on blow molding toys, the custom production of blow molding containers, find Guangdong plastic bottle supplier, please pay attention to the beautiful fruit or contact phone WeChat 13922288294, consult online customers, the company is dedicated to serve you.

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