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Well use the medicinal glass bottle. We should pay attention to the following points: Good appropriate chemical stability, good suitability of anti-temperature acuteness, good stable specifications, good prototype and good appearance, and transparency. The primary factor is that there are now many pharmaceutical plastic bottles companies that cannot achieve standards in quality norms and cannot be compared to the international level. In addition, the detection of pharmaceutical plastic bottles is also relatively backward. There are no quality problems in some pharmaceutical containers, but due to the sealing performance of the plastic bottle and the poor penetration performance, it leads to expiration, effectiveness, and even occurring drugs. Chemical reactions, the main reason is that the inspection instrument of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle and the inspection standard are not in place.

Medicinal plastic bottle advantages, strong hardness, light quality, better sealing performance, health, moisture-proof effect, etc., can be used directly without cleaning, drying, etc., is a very practical drug packaging container. The main application object is oral liquid medicine and oral solid drug packaging. Medicinal plastic bottles have unique performance characteristics compared to traditional plastic hollow packaging products, mainly in the following: a lot of medicinal plastic bottles, which kind of medicinal plastic bottle is suitable for storage which drug should also be more learn.

The pharmaceutical glass bottle is widely used, which has good stability, sealing, a certain mechanical strength, and finish, so that it is a selection packaging of various drugs. These materials are different, and the pharmaceutical plastic bottles of different forms protect our health. I hope we will know more, and tell everyone a small knowledge. There will be AC ​​or PC words in the pharmaceutical bottle packaging. AC refers to meals. Take it, the PC refers to it is to take it after a meal. If you don't worry, you will worry about when you want to take medicine. Plastic bottles are often more frequent in people's daily lives, but which of the plastic bottles can be used multiple cycles, which are not recycled, you don't know.

And the different plastic bottle materials have different uses, following the small series to discover the use of plastic bottle materials! .

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