High temperature to the hazard of plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

I believe everyone knows that plastic bottles are used in high temperature environments, which will easily release harmful substances, pollute packaging food, thus harming human health, and many people like to place beverages or mineral water in the car, but to see the weather.  In the summer, if the car is parked in the sun for a long time, the temperature in the car will rise rapidly, and the beverage bottle is placed in the car, which will be in a high temperature environment. This is easy to make the plastic bottle to produce a harmful substance.

In our home, there are many housewives who will unconsciously place the plastic seasoning bottle and edible oil bottle on the gas stove, which is a very bad habit. During the fishery, the high temperature produced by the gas causes the seasoning bottle, and the edible oil bottle is baked by high temperature, resulting in the rise of temperature, thereby releasing harmful substances.  There is also an area where some people will use the mineral water bottle after it will be placed under the sun. If it is 30-40 degrees in the summer, this is also easy to cause the plastic bottle to release harmful substances.

Of course, in daily life, there will be many environments that can cause plastic bottles to release harmful substances.   If our plastic bottle is stored in a high temperature environment, it will also cause the bottle deformation. This is also an important factor in our stock. Time is afraid of the bottle deformed, and there is summer transport, especially the export air, the temperature will be particularly high, too Causes of the cause of the bottle.  Since we know that plastic bottles will release harmful substances at high temperatures, we should pay more attention to usual, try to avoid violent sunlight, and try to stay away from high temperature environments.

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