Day of "Harvest"


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Today is the first time I got the text, when I arrived in the classroom, I came from the classroom and a round of sound. Why is it? Please let me talk about it. I started to class, the teacher took out a plastic bottle, said to be an experiment, what is the relationship between writing and experiments? The teacher went to the water, and we found that the plastic bottle leaking, then I learned that this is the title of writing. The teacher asked us how to do not leak water, the students talked, some of them were tongue, and some were thinking.

Finally, we came up with a lot of methods. Some said that it was blocked with a rag, and some said that the cover is covered, and the best way is to tighten the cover. As a result, the water is really not flowing. This good method is who I want to come out, yes, the teacher is thinking. This is what is going on, it turned out to be like this: Open the bottle cover, flow through the water flow, tighten the cap, the atmospheric pressure is blocked, so water does not flow.

The teacher came up with a good way, and the many ways of our class were topped, how bad the teacher is. I learned a lot of knowledge, and I learned how to write essays, this is really "harvest" day.

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