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What kind of historical process has experienced the cosmetic packaging bottle? The cosmetics are in our country and even the world, the earliest is rouge, makeup powder, 粉 and its fragrant powder, these things have heard, but few people know how the ancient people pack these cosmetics, the beginning The box has jade and glazed rouge box. After the Tang Dynasty, the carmine box is outside the porcelain, and the golden wrong silver bead jade screw, the carving is inlaid, and each collar is. Tang Dynasty's official kiln porcelain carmine box is a lot of power, it is a good thing, and the Ming and Qing rouge box is more like a thousand years of the peak history of the Chinese Rouge History. However, it is easy to rot, in modern times, with the increase of cosmetics, gradually appear glass pack box, there is a plastic box, and now the most common use is glass and plastic. There is a very common phenomenon. Many cosmetics manufacturers and consumers don't like to use glass. They all like to use plastic packaging, mainly because plastic bottles are light, convenient, and don't want to be used as glass bottles. Broken, safer.

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