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Hebei factory direct plastic packaging bottle? MGG produces food plastic packaging bottles, transparent plastic packaging bottles to adhere to customer first principles, we will take advantage of the actual use of users. Good grease items should not be placed in the beverage bottle. Because grease and plasticizers belong to organic matter, they have mutual solubility and should be noted. Trend 1: The most shapes of the shape are now now, more and more companies are required to produce different shapes of beverage bottles, requiring some changes in traditional shapes, rather than the original conventional shape. Currently, in this field, a relatively new change is to apply an injection molded plastic end cap.

For example, Procter & Gamble's Yulan Oil Brand uses this technology, and the shape of the beverage bottle produced is closer to the cylinder, not the shape of a cube. Trend 2: The textured material has textured materials in the design and production of beverage bottle packaging, it is already a very popular form. The above texture is often produced by pressing pressing flowers on a whole piece of paper.

When picking up this material, it will find that it has a touch of touch with the standard smooth cardboard. Although we will also use smooth or matted effects, however, most users are now more preferred to use a sub-optical effect with textured materials. Focus on displaying the main packaging through cosmetics, seeing the perspective packaging of the internal equipment is a packaging form that is favored by consumers.

Although this packaging effect can be implemented by the cardboard opening, now there is now more and more manufacturers are choosing using a combined package to achieve this, which is within a cardboard structure, embed a plastic. Window. In this case, the cardboard and plastics can be combined well to meet the desired purpose to meet the needs of users of such beverage bottles. Talking about the beverage bottle manufacturers, the city plastic products to you is a socially recognized excellent manufacturer. Here you can buy a variety of high-quality beverage bottles, welcome you.

Beverage bottles are common products in our daily lives, close to our lives, we can say that it is in peace. Therefore, in the process of use, we must pay attention to its material, performance, etc., and our lives, and use precautions, not to use, and do not go deep into understand, thereby causing some misunderstandings.

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