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The development of oral liquid bottles has been more than 30 years. In the past 30 years of development and change, our current oral liquid bottle has become the latest development mark in the health care industry, and there will be new oral administration The enthusiasm of liquid bottles has become a health care packaging industry. Oral liquid bottles have experienced a lot of development history, whether in development or progress, always reflects quality properties and use characteristics in good market laws and forms. We can see the current oral liquid bottle is already the most common outer packaging in health products. For the continuous development of the health care industry in these years, the application range of health products industry is getting wider, oral liquid bottles include solid oral Liquid bottles and liquid oral liquid bottles.

The most important point is to clean self-defense. There are many aspects of the oral liquid bottle when producing oral liquid bottles. During production, it is most important to ensure that the conveyor belt of the oral liquid bottle is not rusted and cleaned. Of course, it is also the most critical step. For flame processing devices, stainless steel flat chain transmission and other devices and counting devices The main components of the conveyor belt, as long as they do rust and clean work, so that the rust problem in the process of transportation can be found, so it can better deal with oral liquid bottles. Pollution, thereby achieving hygiene requirements for oral liquid bottles. For the flat-panel of stainless steel, the plastic bottle plates are compared to each other. For the treatment after the flame after the flame, small deformation occurs, and the process of the flame must be a necessity.

We can remove the oil of the oral liquid bottle during this procedure, which can better take the paste work of label. The height of the flame can be arbitrarily adjusted, and it can meet the temperature of the oral liquid bottle to temperature. . Oral liquid bottle can record the number of oral liquid bottles when transporting, when we want to achieve the number of you want, the alarm will automatically sound, and the transportation of the traditional oral liquid bottle can be largely reduced. The pollution of oral liquid bottles can be very good to meet the conditions of medical packaging. It is enabled for oral liquid bottles for the development of society.

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