Which is a medical plastic bottle of the Hebei?


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Which is a good medicine of Hebei Medicine Plastic Bottle Production Plant? MGG, adhering to the business philosophy service service of integrity, providing customers with high quality solid medicinal plastic bottle, pharmaceutical plastic bottle, pharmaceutical plastic bottle, and various models Pharmaceutical plastic bottles and other products, and after-sales service. Presence of external symbol plastics may be standardized. However, in the appearance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the "Specification" is placed, and the label is positioned, and there is no movement; the pharmaceutical plastic bottle operates drug packaging: Today, the package is high in the commodity economy, the packaging is sold as a commodity, the shelf show sale Important carrier. It has a profound impact.

The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is a common packaging container with a wide range of applications. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is made of polyethylene or polypropylene material and adding a variety of organic solvents. Widely used in drinks, food, medicines, dried fruits, honey and other liquids or solid packaging containers, and because of their uncomfortable and low cost, it is deeply affected by the market.

For pharmaceutical plastic bottles, its main dip is used for packaging liquid or solid. It is a modern and important packaging carrier. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle design is round to liquid solid packaging, meeting the market for pharmaceutical plastic bottles. A variety of needs. The use of medicinal plastic bottles, meets non-packaging needs. Medicinal plastic bottles have uniform wall thickness, and the printing appearance should be flat, and the liquid pharmaceutical plastic bottle must contain a handle, groove and other enhanced structures. In the production process, some magazine needs to be solved.

When selecting the appearance of label medicinal plastic bottles, it should be noted that the medicinal plastic bottle is slippery, and the YI once expanded in the blow molded blank, it always tends to hardeize the yi department. So the wall thickness is large. The edges and corner areas, the parison blows the zui end contact sector, and the wall thickness is small.

Therefore, the marginal and rubber corners of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle should be planned to be rounded. A pharmaceutical plastic bottle whose appearance is changed, for example, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is relatively thin, and the annular groove or ribs of the plastic appearance is added, and plastic rigidity and discharging can be further enhanced. Longitudinal trenches or reinforcement can eliminate pharmaceutical plastic bottles for a long period of time to cancel the load, sagging or deformed.

"No. 1" is Pete medicinal plastic bottle: mainly used in mineral water bottles, carbonated plastic bottles, operating temperatures at 70 degrees Celsius, too high temperature liquid, can result in deformation. Health care medicinal plastic bottles are a smooth and beautiful, high-grade, high quality, high barrier function. Excellent product function and processing method of pharmaceutical plastic bottles ensure good non-polluting and clean function during operation, with high quality operating quality, ensuring environmental safety during operation.

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