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Hebei processing custom pharmaceutical plastic bottle offer, MGG specializes in producing solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, and various models of pharmaceutical plastic bottles and other products, our factory starts from the date of establishment, based on high-tech High quality, high-efficiency development direction, has won the trust of our customers for many years. Hotline: + 86-15916785363 Spray: Multi-group nozzle operation, multi-standard destination injection, so drug plastic bottle cover Overview Bacteria, also have an inevitable requirement to ensure that microorganisms can be completely killed. The specific method is: After the purpose of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle label, there is a plurality of nozzles on the top and the tracks above, each nozzle can spray the bottle from a non-angle disinfectant water, disinfecting water injection of bottle sterilization It also promotes the cap along the track. Soak: Medicinal plastic bottle cover soaked in water washing bottles and disinfect, and disinfect the overall inspection of water.

Soak time According to intensity and water disinfection, the time of disinfecting water is usually highly oxidation in ten seconds or twenty seconds to meet the full sterilization time requirements of the bottle. Way: The object of the label in the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is to be fixed in the bottle cover, the bottle is connected, and the chain transport cap is sterilized to the water tank and the bottle cap. Sterilization is soaked in disinfecting water, pharmaceutical plastic bottle, soaking time ten seconds or Twenty seconds can meet the full sterilization time requirements of the bottle. Followed with injection, sterile water jet washing and disinfecting air injection, and liquid bottle caps are sterile after the bottle water is soaked.

In planning kneading pharmaceutical plastic bottles, if the feedstock is high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle should be rectangular or oval, the low-density polyethylene raw material or other congestive pharmaceutical plastic bottle, section circle Shape; with more and more people have enforcement and national environmental protection, green environmental protection, which is beneficial to degrading plastic containers will become a growth trend. It is developed by a process convention, biodegradation and extrusion blow molding, a biodegradable pharmaceutical plastic bottle, a plastic container product that is suitable from technical function indicators, and it is often no biodegradable pharmaceutical plastic bottle. The function, the national policy of the green environmental packaging materials industry. The speculation of plastic containers, the ratio of nanomaterials, increases the physical and chemical function of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, exporting is a protective function, anti-chemical corrosion, and anti-UV function have a long progress, such as medicinal plastic bottles. Tolerance Also strengthened, it can reduce the necessary cost, and the goods are very growing.

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