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Henan disposable sterilized bottle production and sales manufacturer, MGG welcomes you. MGG is currently a disposable plastic bottle, a disposable sterilized bottle excellent enterprise, quality is guaranteed, our pay is only for your trust! How to clean the baby's disposable bottle? The one-time bottle used by the baby is not only cleaned, and it is also necessary to disinfect the infection of the child bacteria. If you are the first time to give your child a bottle, let's take a look at the way I introduced to clean and disinfect the baby bottle. Baby disposable bottle cleaning method will leave the milk to pour it off or drink the bottle and add water. The brush is not easy to clean the bottom, or the need to add a little bottle cleaning agent according to the appropriate demand, and clean it with water.

Clean the inside of the pacifier, rinse some side angular angles with a nipple brush, pay attention to the cleaning of the pacifier, do not be too hard to avoid the cuckhed holes. The practice of disinfection of the baby bottle should be that 3 days of disinfection once, boil for 3-10 minutes each time. If you usually use it, you can use it.

The disinfection frequency cannot be too high. Otherwise, the child's stomach is difficult to get used to getting used out. The new born child, every time you need to use sterilized bottle every time.

The bottle disinfection should last from the newborn to 5-6 months. Cleaning the bottle, should be disinfected to ensure hygiene and safety. Generally, the disinfection method of the disposable pediatric bottle is divided into cooking method and steam type.

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