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Henan Processing Enterprise Consulting + 86-15916785363.mgg is a professional food plastic packaging bucket, food grade plastic bucket production enterprise. Good quality, low price, welcome users to buy. Food plastic bottle in the food bottle One feature that will occur is that the level of automation of the food production line is getting higher and higher. This is mainly the level of automation of the food production line, which is mainly a more important direction to consider when the food bottle manufacturers are produced. The production efficiency of food plastic bottles is very efficient and cost-effective, which belongs to a good energy-saving and emission reduction product, which is widely popular and trusted.

There is also an edible field of food plastic bottles because some food plastic bottles are stored in different packages in the turnover process of liquid food. Clean food plastic bottles contain a large amount of catty, many cleaning, or unsolicited, many similar phenomena. The surface looks very clean, but some manufacturers will add a film in the food plastic bottle, and will not be washed through the cleaning of various situations. I don't know if it is clean or washed? Food plastic bottles are generally compared to the quarter.

Enterprises that make foods use a large number of food plastic bottles, produce vegetables marinated, food solutions, food powder, etc. So how do you solve the odor's odor's odor? This has always been a problem that manufacturers are troubled. If you want to find out, MGG will analyze and explain it.

The food plastic bottle is exuded in the smell, especially in the summer. The smell is particularly serious, and even more people will bring flies, mosquitoes, etc. Some people usually use open ventilation, water rinsing, and hydrogenated cleaning, vinegar, brewing of wine, etc.

After experiments, the method of ventilation and water rinsing, etc. are found. But using vinegar or yellow wine, etc. is better than ventilation. Pour the whole bottle of vinegar or yellow wine into the barrel, sway, sway, put the whole bucket is full, close twenty seconds, then pour it into another bucket, so Cycle reciprocation.

After waiting for a certain time, it will naturally be removed.

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