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Food plastic bottles have two manufacturing processes, extrusion blow molding and injection molding during the manufacturing process. Extrusion blow molding is a mold for molding a food plastic bottle during the production process, wherein the mold comprises a male mold and an female mold. Extrusion blow molding is made of mold type blank is made using an extruder head.

Injection blow molding is injected into the mold under high pressure, and the food plastic bottle is ejected when opening the mold type cavity. Extrusion blow molded has a variety of features, let's introduce it. Extrusion blow molding is that the parison is manufactured under low pressure under pressure, and the stress of the food plastic bottle is small, tensile, impact resistant, bending, and the environment of various strain properties, use The property is good.

Extrusion blow molding is low, small and medium-sized enterprise has small funds, so you can purchase some extruded blow molding machines to relieve the intensity of funds. Extruded the amount of molecular activity, so the finished product has a high impact toughness and a very high stress cracking performance, there is a good environmental adaptability. Extrusion blow molding is more suitable for large food plastic bottles.

Telling the characteristics of extrusion blow molding, let's talk about the characteristics of injection blow molding. Injection of blow molded plastic solutions should be injectable, and it will be subject to a certain orientation effect around. Moreover, when the injection of the food plastic bottle, the temperature is lower than the temperature of the extrusion blow mold, which helps to improve the strength properties of the food plastic bottle in the reservation state of the alignment effect.

For products with high precision of food plastic bottles, injecting blow molding can be used. This manufacturing method can better ensure uniformity and specifications of the bottle.

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