PET plastic bottle of PET material standard


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

First, the characteristic PET is a milky white or a front yellow height crystalline polymer, and the surface is smooth and glossy. Wheat resistance, fatigue, friction and size stability, high wear and high hardness, have the largest toughness in thermoplastic; electrically insulating performance is good, affected by temperature, but the resistance is poor. Non-toxic, weather resistance, resistance to chemical drugs, low water absorption, weak acid and organic solvent, but no heat-resistant water soaked, non-alkali.

The glass transition temperature of the PET resin is high, the crystallization speed is slow, the molding cycle is long, the molding cycle is long, the molded shrinkage is large, the size is very stable, and the molding of crystallization is brittle, and the heat resistance is low. " Through the improvement of nucleometric and crystalline and glass fiber reinforced, PET has the following features in addition to the properties of the PBT: 1. The thermal deformation temperature and long-term use temperature are the highest in thermoplastic universal engineering plastics; 2, because of the resistance Hot height, reinforced PET impregnated 10s in a solder bath at 250 ° C, almost unmission, is not discolored, especially for electronics, electrical parts for tin soldering; 3, bending strength 200MPa, elastic modulus up to 4000MPa, creep resistance and fatigue The sex is very good, the surface is high, the mechanical properties are similar to thermoset plastic; The lowest, high cost performance.

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