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The quality of solid plastic bottles is not a simple topic. It includes the following aspects: In the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of work cycles can be completed or produced by the production of the product; the stability of the product size, compliance , The use of the surface of the article, the utilization of the product material, etc.; the use maintenance of the mold: whether it is most convenient to use, easy to use, the production auxiliary time is as short as possible, the maintenance cost, maintenance periodicity, etc. With the high-speed growth of the plastic bottle packaging market, the solid plastic bottle is used to take a cycle using the skill to become a hot spot in the market. Since the solid plastic bottle is directly used in direct use, it is difficult to re-use in the bottle re-production, and mainly low-end uses such as short-fringes, which takes the solid plastic bottle to achieve the "bottle to bottle" circular skills is a hot spot for market attention.

This day, the high-quality adoption of solid plastic bottles in various countries, in the world, in Thailand, near To Japan, India, Uzbekistan, Tanzania and other countries have held "PET bottles to bottle" high quality regeneration During the period, if China users only compensate for the low-grade product regeneration production of short-quality PET bottle tablets, can it be in the previous line? Recently, there are several systems dedicated to PET. The series of crystalline regeneration configuration is dedicated to the re-processing of PET, and the IV value of the final product can be promoted. Depending on the results of the punishment of the production line, it is ultimately available for sheets, belts, fibers, etc., belts, fibers, etc. of the food (bottle to the bottle).

It also opens a series of configurations to improve the IV value of PET quality or adoption, so that it will eventually pay the requirements of the wish to fight with food.

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