High temperature resistance of food plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

High temperature resistance of the food plastic bottle is not only in the illumination of the sun, but also the long use chain experienced, on this chain, high temperature resistance is particularly important. For the production of food plastic bottles, it has always been under strict standards, and there is also a supervision of relevant departments, so in this stage of production process, food plastic bottles are relatively safe for food. However, from production, then go to the process, then to the process of logistics, the final food plastic bottle in the consumer is still as good as the factory, it will not be guaranteed.

The problem of safety and stability of food bottle packaging in high temperature environments, now has attracted everyone's attention. The first is the filling link in the food plastic bottle. Nowadays, more and more foods will be bacteria in high temperatures, which requires the food plastic bottle with a relatively high high temperature index, otherwise, in the process of filling, the safety of food plastic bottles is difficult to guarantee.

Secondly, in the links of transport and shelves, the summer weather is hot, the temperature in the transport carriage is higher, and the food plastic bottle is more in such an environment, and it is necessary to maintain its stability of its packaging, and guarantees high temperature resistance.

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