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Honey packaging: Honey is a weakly acidic liquid that can make metals to oxidize, so non-metal containers such as cylinders, wooden barrels, plastic buckets, etc. should be packaged, and the dedicated packaging container should be completely washed. In areas where honey is high, honey storage pools can be established, or it can be stored in wooden barrels or water cylinders. Packaging honey cannot be full, especially at 25% -30% of space in transportation, to prevent honey-saving fermentation or by heat oscillation.

The honey being installed is to be placed in dry, clean, ventilated and odor, and stay at 5-10 ° C room temperature. Don't put honeybots in the open air, you should transfer in time to ensure the quality of honey. Casisting honey storage honey should be used in non-metallic containers, such as glass bottles, ceramics or plastic bottles, and the amount of honey is preferably 80% of the container. It is best to be placed in a cool, dry, ventilated, clean, and honey must be sealed. To prevent crystallization and fermentation in preventing moisture in the air.

Honey for a long time can still be worried about eating without deterioration. We know that honey contains 0.1% to 0.4% of bacteria, itself has certain antibacterial capabilities, the real mature honey has a long shelf life, as food listing, honey shelf life is generally two years.

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