Honey bottle packaging needs to standardize


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   At the moment, people pay more attention to health, and more and more people have begun to recognize the importance of honey in health. The market sales of honey is constantly rising. Whether it is from the honey sold directly from the bee, all kinds of honey products sold in the market have a very good market performance.

However, although the honey bottle packaging market is constantly rising, there is no effective standard, and there are many problems in honey bottles.    At present, many consumers in the market are not trusted by the quality of honey sold in the supermarket, many people tend to purchase through the bee field. The scale of the bee is very different, the size is different, so it is also very irregular with honey bottles.

Since honey is a food, the safety of honey bottle packaging is related to our health of each consumer, it needs to cause sufficient attention.   In addition, the honey bottle in the market is also a single one, and there are many aspects of the user experience in the user experience. For example, the honey bottle on the market is basically 300 ml.

However, some honey use is relatively limited daily, and the honey bottle that has a smaller capacity is very necessary. Let's talk about the bottle cap of honey. At present, the honey bottle has ordinary spiral covers. There is a sharp cover. It is to prevent honey from being sticking out on the bottle, but the effect is not ideal and needs to be improved.

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