Honey peanut jar PET transparent plastic packaging tank production process crafts still have some attention details, understand?


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Various sauce transparent packaging bottles, PET materials, colorless transparency, clearly see the state of food in the bottle, food grade, quality is guaranteed, not afraid of any testing. This paragraph (as shown) bottle full water capacity 450ml, can be loaded with 510g of semi-solid peanut butter, bottle diameter 75mm, bottle height 122mm, can be sealed with aluminum foil at the bottle (commonly known as thermal paper, passing through the machine), sealed The outer cover on the rear cover is accurate in the actual shelf life, and the bottle itself is not affected. The bottle cannot be heated, the PET bottle itself is not heat, during canned, should keep the canned material 50 degrees, more than 50 degrees will have slight deformation, thin bottles are more obvious, canned Be sure to pay attention to the temperature to avoid loss of loss.

This bottle can be installed in addition to sauces, and some products can be installed, and some bottles can be used, they are cleaned, and they can continue to eat, or as a storage tank, as long as it can be loaded You can use the bottle to put it. When you can't install it again, you can also use it as a vase, plant some small plants, such as more meat, or a pen barrel, etc. is also a good choice, in short, you are just you I can think of it can be installed, not using a product that cannot be used once. Because some special products need to be protected, the PET bottle can also add color to make it opaque, such as black, can completely cover the light to ensure that the product is not affected by the light. Other colors can also be added, which makes it a variety of beautiful colors, but it is still a very transparent state, or it can be translucent, so that the product is hidden in it, but also reaches a certain exposure, depending on the product. Can match, very flexible.

The outside of the bottle can be labeled as decorated, or write the content, origin, raw materials, edible methods, etc. of the label, and these contents can also choose to print them directly in the bottle in the manner, or Contraction film, these are selected according to individual needs. We also have more bottles to choose from, you can go online to view the style plastic bottle manufacturer you need: Rich.

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