How does the plastic bottle do? How does the PET plastic bottle do?


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The molding process of the plastic bottle refers to the process of forming a final plastic article by a polymer made of synthetic resin manufacturing plants. Processing method (typically referred to as plastic) includes plastic molding (molded), extrusion (extruded molding), injection molding (injection molding), blow molding (hollow molding), calendering, and the like. 1 Plastic molding is also known as molding or pressing molding, and plastic is mainly used for the formation of thermosetting plastics such as phenolic resin, urea resin, unsaturated polyester resin.

2 Extrusion extrusion is also known as extruded molding, and is a method of continuously passing the heated resin through a mold and extruded the desired shape using an extruder (extruder). Extrusion is sometimes in the formation of thermoset plastics and can be used for the formation of foam plastics. The advantage of extrusion is that the products of various shapes are extruded, high production efficiency, automated, continuous production; disadvantage is that thermoset plastics can not be widely used in this method, and the size of the product is easy to produce deviation.

3 injection molding is also known as injection molding. Injection is to use an injection molding machine (or syringe) to impart a thermoplastic melt injects the mold in high pressure to the mold. Injection molding can also be used for the formation of thermoset plastics and foam plastics.

Advantages of injection molding are parts for fast production, high efficiency, automation, energy-saving shape, is particularly suitable for mass production. The disadvantage is that the equipment and mold cost is high, and the injection molding machine is difficult to clean. 4 blow molding is also known as hollow blow molding or hollow molding.

The blow molding is a method of blowing a thermal resin blank that is closed in the mold in a pressure of the compressed air into a hollow article, and there are two methods including blow molding film and blow molding hollow articles. Thin film products can be produced by blow molding, various bottles, buckets, pot vessels and children's toys. 5 The compound delay is to process the resin in combination of various additives (kneading, filtration, etc.) after two or more of the calenders of two or more of the calenders into a film or sheet, and then from the translator roller Stripping, a molding method of cooling is re-cooled.

The prolition is the molding method mainly used for the polychloride resin, which can produce films, sheets, sheet materials, artificial leather, floor tiles and other products. 6 A suitable blowing agent is added to the foamed molding foam material (PVC, PE and PS, etc.) to produce a microporous structure of the plastic. Almost all of the thermoset and thermoplastics can be made into foam.

Following the hole structure is divided into open-hole foam (in vision, most of the pores) and the closed hole foam (most of the pores are separated from each other), mainly by the manufacturing method (divided into chemical foaming, physical foaming And mechanical foaming) decided.

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