How is the pills and capsules made? Is the plastic bottle package?


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What is the production process of the two dosage forms is made by the production process of two dosage forms, and the drug starts from the start of the finished product. First understand what is a pill, it is a definition of drug capsules. You have a basic understanding. Pills (seven ABLE seven S) refers to a circular sheet or shaped (such as a long-circled solid pharmaceutical preparation, such as a long-circled solid pharmaceutical preparation of the drug (raw material). Call the dress.

Now slow-release tablets, controlled release tablets, etc. The original short actuator used three times a day. More clothes, also the mouth contains a tablet, the tongue contains a variety of tablets, and the vaginal tablets.

How to make a production process. Drug (excipient) is pulverized into fine powder, sieves the same fine powder, a mixed uniform, a mixed uniform, a dry, a tablet, a small piece of a small piece of drug, a suitable hardness, It is used to send a medical unit to the factory in the workshop packaging in clean disinfection. The process made by the capsule is more simpler.

Capsules is a drug (raw material) or a film (non-pharmaceutical component) or a solid preparation in a hollow capsule (shell) or seal in a soft capsule material. Most of which are administered.

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