I have changed a famous brand bag by your OUT.


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Beveraged by you OUT, I actually changed a famous brand bag Beijing International Home Exhibition, and the theme of the green lifestyle began to prevad, and Ms. Liu Xuexu, the deputy general manager of Yingji Recycling, is this focus on? It is necessary to start from a drink bottle who is discarded ~ Ms. Liu once said: "We didn't do anything, just put the beverage bottle you lost, did something. And you will find that those once The discarded waste can be so beautiful. "Customization process: 1 need to collect us will fully understand the demand, determine customization schemes and processes; 2 Program design based on communication results, and communicate again with you 3 Free delivery of us to support the nationwide for free; 4 batches After you confirm the customization details, we will arrange the factory mass production, we promise that each order will arrange special personnel to follow up; 5 products Before the delivery of goods products, we will carry out quality inspection to ensure product quality; 6 after-sales service goods sign, if the product has any quality problems, we will have no conditional cooperation; 7 custom URL: http: // www . Hzkepend.com.

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