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  Printing on plastic bottle packaging you satisfied? The printing of the ink is excellent. It is good in printing. It is dry, dried, and soluble ink can damage the ozone layer. In the process of use, it will harm the health and safety of workers during use, and residue remaining in the packaging product, at a certain condition The food in the packaging will cause a certain degree of pollution. This kind of ink is tend to be eliminated, and there is a regulation of prohibiting or controlling using such inks in Europe and some developed countries. Environmentally friendly inks come to life.

Environmentally friendly inks are used to cause pollution to the environment, and do not cause physical hazards for operators, and will not cause damage to the inner food.   Digital printing techniques are as people infiltrated into the food packaging industry with increasing personalized packaging needs. Some plastic bottles manufacturers can achieve a high enough image resolution, which can rendequately reproduce the details of the image, and the electron beam curable ink electron beam curable ink refers to the rapid transfer of liquid from the liquid in the illumination of high energy electron beams. High ink, high electron beam energy, strong penetration of solid components such as pigments and fillers, no ink is hindered by the pigment or filler, the drying of the ink film does not affected, and the aqueous ink is currently Most of the flexible packaging printing in China, which is mainly formed by a water-soluble resin, an organic pigment, solvent, and associated aid.

The water-soluble resin is a tab for aqueous ink. It is often used for water-soluble acrylic modified resins. It has a significant advantage of heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, contamination and gloss, and the direct dispersion. Dissolved or synthesized polymer emulsions, both exhibited excellent properties, and ultraviolet curing oil ink is referred to as a crosslinking reaction in the ink, and the liquid is converted into solid state under the irradiation of a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light irradiation. Ink, it is prior to dissolution of the lifting, that is, the macromolecular prepolymer is firmly formed ink. These advanced printing technologies have made people's lives more and more and more secure!   With the development of society and people's growth in product packaging demand, the market space of plastic bottles is gradually expanded, and the requirements for printing accuracy are getting higher and higher. In detail, there are several points of improving the precision accuracy for reference.

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