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Huizhou Mei Fengfeng manufacturer, as a PET plastic bottle with 13 years of experience, Guangdong manufacturers, printing this one must be less. The previous period is the automatic machine of our printing department. Our company has several semi-automatic printing machines, mostly used in cosmetics such as supplies.

Next, I will take a look at the semi-automatic machine of our printing workshop is God's work. Two-printing of the speaker bottle, color finished product: Huizhou Meiguo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 13 years focuses on multi-variety, fast, batch plastic bottle production, plastic products hollow blow molding. 1 binding, 500 varieties, 3000 2 days delivery, 10,000 3 days delivery, free proof, corporate business is open, injection molding, blowing, printing, hot stamping one-stop service, for your company Save 50% of time, 30% of the cost, professional production of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic packaging bottles, matching head, spray gun, various bottle caps and matte, silk screen, hot stamping, electroplating and other services.

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