The harm of plastic bottles recovery


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Article Guide: If you don't look carefully, there is a difference in gloss of plastic bottles, there is an impurities, but there is a plastic bottle of two materials. After recovering a large number of plastic bottles in the market, it will be processed again. Generally, if you don't pay attention, you can't distinguish the quality of quality and harm the health of the human body.

Secondary fees are a bottle of PET plastic bottles, but a bottle of PET plastic bottles produced by non-strictly disinfected plastic raw materials. If you don't look carefully, the gloss of the plastic bottle is different, containing impurities. Part of plastic bottle manufacturers use new materials or mixed in order to reduce costs.

These plastic bottles circulate in packaging areas such as food and medicines, and they will endanger people directly in contact with food drugs. In addition, for the manufacturer of making plastic bottles, competition is unfair, and it is also a bad environmental issue. For these two materials, the production of plastic bottles is very strict, and it is important to conduct strict restrictions on old plastic processing companies.

These plastic bottles, whether health or quality is not sufficient. These two material markets are very low prices, and the new material is half the price of 2 materials is also conveyed.

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