How long can plastic bottles? How long can plastic bottles?


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PET-1: polyethylene terephthalate, commonly used in mineral water bottles, beverage bottles (carbic acid), easy to deform when more than 70 ° C, may release DEHP after 10 months. HDPE-2: High density polyethylene, is often used in shampoo, shower gel, and white bottle, not recommended for other purposes (especially water). PVC-3: Polyvinyl chloride, commonly used in plastic film, building materials (profile, pipe), etc., heat resistant 80 ° C, do not use it as food packaging, do not reuse.

PE-4 (LDPE-4): Polyethylene (low density polyethylene), often used in plastic film with plastic film, avoiding high temperature during use, covering food, covering a plastic film, then put it after placing Among the microwave. PP-5: Polypropylene, commonly used in microwave oven boxes, juice beverage bottles, good heat resistance, exceeding 100 ° C is not deformation, melting point exceeds 160 ° C, the only plastic that can be added to the microwave, can be reused . Pay attention to some microwaves, the box is manufactured with PP, but the PE of the lid is used, and it should be carefully distinguished.

PS-6: Polystyrene (not Photoshop CS6), commonly used in fast food boxes, bubble frame, heat resistance (about 80 ° C), it is recommended to use only one-time use, avoid contact with acid-base solution, temperature should not be used Too high. PC-7 refers to "Other Plastics", which is often used in space cups, kettle, etc. If it is a qualified product produced by regular manufacturers (bisphenol A is completely transformed into plastic during production), it is best not to use it. Used to heat, usually avoid ultraviolet irradiation, if there is damaged or aging, it is recommended to replace it. LZ said that the surface is turbid, it should be aging, it is best to change a new use.

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