How is the price of Beijing factory direct health products packaging bottle?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

In recent years, the packaging development of the oral liquid bottle industry is very fast. Any packaging must be designed according to the market needs. After entering the industrial society, the commodity cycle of the market economy is shortened, and the product is also a product, due to the increase in manufacturer, packaging Also hit the company's cultural characteristics, market competition, and price wars forced merchants to continue to update their products and constantly transform packaging. Health products should be stored in oral liquid bottles, and other reagents generally use glass bottles. Different packaging materials are used in production and packaging, and the oral liquid bottle can make full play and value in use. Material and performance plastic bottles are used, ensuring that the material and substances of the clothes do not produce any changes and effects. Production process of oral liquid bottles: mainly high pressure tube and kettle clan.

From the current development status, in order to reduce the reaction temperature and pressure, the tube method process generally uses a low temperature and high active leader to initiate the polymerization system, with high purity B * as the main raw material, propylene * / propane or the like is a density adjustment agent, using high The active initiator is carried out at about 200 ° C to 330 ° C, and 150-300 MPa conditions performed polymerization. Oral liquid bottle extrusion is also known as extruded molding, which uses an extruder (extruder) to continuously through the mold, extruded the desired product. Extrusion is sometimes in the formation of thermoset plastic, and It can be used for the formation of foam. The advantage of extrusion is that the products can be extruded into various shapes, high production efficiency, automated, continuous production; disadvantage is that thermoset plastics cannot be widely used, and the product size is easier to produce a deviation. Oral liquid bottles refer to plastics that can be cured or insoluble (melt) characteristics under heat or other conditions, such as phenolic plastics, epoxy plastics, and the like.

The thermosetting plastics is also divided into formaldehyde crosslinks and other cross-linking types. After the thermal processing is formed, a cured product having an insoluble insoluble is formed, and the resin molecules are crosslinked from the linear structure into a mesh structure. Reinforcing heat will decompose damage.

Oral fluid bottles are thick and thin: speed up the pre-blowing time, or increase the pre-blowing pressure, increase the gas flow of plastic bottle. A typical oral liquid bottle has phenolic, epoxy, * group, unsaturated polyester, furan, polysilaptic ether, and the like, as well as polyphenylene terephthalate plastics, etc. They have the advantages of high heat resistance, which is not easy to deform.

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