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How much is the medical plastic bottle sales? MGG medicinal plastic bottle, solid pharmaceutical plastic packaging bottle, medical plastic bottle professional manufacturer, business years of quality, reliable, price concessions welcome to buy.< br / >For most consumers, most don't know these details, this requires media to do more publicity, and manufacturers' pharmaceutical plastic bottles should bear more responsibility, pay attention to these signs. Some beverage companies worth learning will notice the bottle packaging of warnings, such as paying attention to the signs of the bottom of the bottle, pay attention to the use of safety, etc., allowing consumers to pay attention to recycling, and ensure the benefits of physical and mental health. For example, high-transparent high-temperature BOPP medicinal plastic bottles are operability, with their unique advantages, becoming a lifeline of small and mediummast products and other beverage enterprises, not only high temperature filling, and deformation of secondary sterilization Ultra-low temperature conditions are not bad, is an ideal version of PET bottles.

Experts say that PET has a bottle daily, the heat is low, so if the storage time is more than 14 days, then it can only use the ordinary bottle, the BOPP bottle does not require such a requirement, and the storage will not change heat resistance! Note The gas effect is conducive to the heating the billet to blow to high pressure gases, allowing the steel blank to expand the material and the mold to obtain the product we need. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle operation after trading data in the past time has made a summary of the future market prospects of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, but many small and medium-sized drug bottle manufacturers in China have faced a lot of challenges. Advocate less raw materials, green packaging materials for pharmaceutical plastic bottles and to use the same material as the ZUI, can coexist, and can coexist with a simple structure, easy to recover.

At the same time, try to reduce waste emissions, thus making the trend of the packaging movie lightweight level. Medicinal plastic bottles are rich in bismuth, this heavy metal, but never heard of it guess it from Zui, usually the water of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is safe. Production of various bottles of water, some quality control samples for 3 months or more, quality monitoring, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and antimony, are the main point of monitoring heavy metals during the national quality supervision.

The national Quality Supervision Bureau ZUI has a pass rate of 80% than the bottle, and the non-qualified reason in the plastic packaging is more relaxed air enter or microbial super boss, never heard of overweight metal separation. The bottled water industry is now a good development momentum in the world ZUI, a year of 1.2 billion pounds (about 17.4 billion yuan).

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