How much can I buy a quality reliable PET plastic packaging bottle in Shandong?


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How much can you buy a quality reliable PET plastic packaging bottle? MGG production of PET plastic packaging bottles, transparent plastic packaging bottles have been rising research and development, independent innovation, have won praise and honor, is your trustworthy. Ppet fragment usually use The centrifugation is reduced to 2%, and then dried over the belt or tube dryer to reduce the moisture content to 0.5%. The high-quality PET plastic bottle cycle recreation system, successfully developed by Krones, Germany, with an annual processing capacity of 15,000 tons of PET beverage bottles, and the processed PET feedstock can be directly produced into other PET containers, and the production cost is greatly reduced. The PET plastic bottle circulating system utilizes chemical coating elimination techniques to burn the chemical coating elimination agent, remove contaminants adhered to the surface of the PET plastic bottle to achieve recycling of any kind of PET plastic bottle.

The recirculating product treated by this technology can not only directly mix the formation of the bottle blank, but also the recycled product is low due to the low content of acetaldehyde and the yellow pigment, which can also meet the requirements of pure and quality, especially for products in food and beverage industries. Packaging, cost is 20% -30% lower than usual new materials. Many daily necessities users, users who care products are love to purchase PET plastic bottles as packaging, why is the color adjustability, this advantage is that the glass bottle is not. Can be directly touched, can also do transparency, good printing performance, and bright eye printing color.

Compliance with Chinese market consumers' aesthetics of colors. Plastic bottles manufacturers, most distributed areas are in Zhangzhou, Zhejiang, Guangzhou. Users, value, and ideas of plastic bottles are different, and they will purchase themselves.

PET bottle blow molding process analysis Release: 2008-9-6 18:55:15 From: Mold Network Browse: 121 polybenontylene terephthalate (PET) blow molding bottle pre- Different can be divided into injection stretching blow molding (referred to as injection) and extruded tensile blow molding (referred to as squeeze). In these two molding methods, due to the easy control of the injection process, high production efficiency, less waste is less. PET blow molding can be divided into two categories, one type is a bottle such as filming carbonated drinks; the other is a non-pressure bottle, such as filling water, tea, oil, etc..

The tea beverage bottle is a modified PET bottle or PET and a thermoplastic polyarylate that is blended with polyvyl methacodate (PEN), which is a heat bottle, which can heat 80 ° C; the water bottle belongs to the water bottle Cold bottle, no need for heat resistance. The heat bottle is similar to the cold bottle on the molding process. The author mainly discusses the pressure beverage bottle forming process in the cold bottle.

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