How much is Jilin to buy different models of PET medicinal plastic bottles?


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From the perspective of production equipment, a pharmaceutical plastic bottle produced by injection molding equipment is formed, and the bottle port is injection molded when molding, thereby ensuring the size of the bottle opening and the threaded portion, and then blows the bottle body. The formation method of this kind of equipment is adapted to the special requirements of Chinese medicine glue * tablet packaging, which prevents volatilization and external pollutant air in the bottle to penetrate into the bottle, ensuring that the bottle mouth and the cap are Good sealing performance, for this majority manufacturer, produce plastic bottles from the extrusion blow molding equipment to the injection molding equipment to adapt to the special requirements of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle. In recent years, all industries in all walks of life have been rapidly developed, and my country's blow molding market has also experienced the rapid development stage under these industries.

Currently, three pharmaceutical plastic bottles production base in Zhangzhou, Taizhou Yuhuan, Guangdong, Tianzhou, Taizhou Yutuan, Guangdong, China. Due to the medicinal plastic bottle for medical packaging, the state is more stringent in this area, so the production of plastic pharmaceutical plastic bottles is very different from ordinary plastic bottles. It is required to have a pharmaceutical plastic bottle enterprise, there must be a production qualification certificate, a professional purification workshop, and a pharmaceutical plastic bottle will have more new highlights.

Hollow extrusion blow molding: Hollow extrusion blow molding is continuously extruded the hollow tube using the extruder, and then cut into a small segment with a scissors (manual) or the cutting device (automatically) to move it into the extrusion mold. type. The advantages are: the equipment is simple, small investment, low cost, the disadvantage is: the bottle mouth is uneven, the sealing performance is poor. In addition, the plastic raw material applied by the hollow extrusion blow mold is PE, which is commonly used for LDPE, which is much lower than HDPE and PP, and short-fitting.

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