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Tangshan manufacturers professional transparent food plastic bottle offer, MGG is a domestic formal food plastic packaging bottle, PET food plastic bottle, transparent food plastic bottle, food plastic bottle manufacturer, many years old brand, price fair reasonable, our technical first-class, self-production Plastic bottle. Purchasing Tel: + 86-1591678533 In the case of unsigned plastic bottles, there is a zone. The following small series is the difference between the master of the horses, the difference: deformation due to weight loss: the plastic bottle of the material is not combined. To achieve excellent barrier endings to reduce deformation. When choosing the appearance of the label plastic bottle, attention should be paid to the essentials of the plastic bottle, the YI once expanded in the blow mold, always tends to hardeize the yi department. So the wall thickness is large.

The edges and corner areas, the parison blows the zui end contact sector, and the wall thickness is small. Therefore, the margins of the plastic bottle and the corner department should plan a rounded angle. A plastic bottle whose shape varies, for example, a plastic bottle relatively thin, an annular groove or ribs of plastic appearance in the middle, can further enhance plastic rigidity and discharging.

Longitudinal trenches or reinforcement can eliminate plastic bottles for a long period of time offset load, sagging or deformed. Plastic bottle processing projects with blow molding machines is very common, so it is necessary to pay attention to this process. I want to tell you that temperature changes are essential to the action of plastic bottles.

In the operational process of the hollow blow molding machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature control to ensure that some of them are used in plastic bottles. Does not take the temperature: the ZUI high temperature does not occur under the inevitable pressure. It is an inevitable number of plastic capillary rheologic in the top of the cylinder. When heated to the inevitable temperature, the inexhaustible temperature is inexhaustible after constant pressure, if the material is not problematic from the mouth, the material is removed after the material is re-added. 10 Degree, after 10 minutes, apply the constant pressure of the constant pressure, so continued to suspend the mulk, the material temperature of the melt flow is less than 10 degrees of unlike the temperature.

The temperature TF: refers to the temperature high elastic state of the amorphous polymer to the viscous stream. The lower limit is an amorphous plastic processing temperature; the differentiation temperature of TD: measuring the polymer of the viscous stream, when the temperature rise will exacerbate the degradation of the molecular chain, degradation temperature of the temperature polymer molecular chain; melting temperature Tm: The crystalline polymer refers to the temperature flow mode of the three-dimensional large molecular chain planning ordered state to long-distance stick, is also referred to as a melting point, a lower limit temperature of crystalline polymer processing; glass transition temperature Tg: refers to amorphous polymerization (Some of the crystalline polymer containing amorphous crystalline polymer) from the glass state to a high elastic state can vary from the latter to the rear of the process, the movement of the free amorphous polymer polymer segment, ZUI low temperature is the product operating temperature limit. These are common ways of managing ZUI in plastic bottles.

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