How much is the good PET plastic packaging bottle for sale in Henan?


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How much is the good PET plastic packaging bottle for sale in Henan? MGG specializes in the production of PET plastic packaging bottles, transparent plastic packaging bottles, and has a complete after-sales service, with good technology to provide you with quality products. PET plastics is English Polyethene Terephthalate's abbreviation, referred to as PET or PETP. The meaning of polyethylene terephthalic plastic mainly includes polyethylene terephthalate PET and polyethylene terephthalate PBT. Polyethylene terephthalate is commonly known as polyester resin, commonly known as polyester resin.

It is a polycondensate of terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol, which is collectively referred to as a thermoplastic polyester together with PBT, or a saturated polyester. Polyester is a general term represented by PET represented by PET, including PET, PBT, PEN, PCT and its copolymers. PET is the earliest, large output, and the most widely used polyester products.

PET recycled plastic can be used on the food packaging, which can achieve unlimited regeneration cycles. This is the environmental protection technology technology that my country's tentacles. Due to the raw materials of plastic packaging from oil, in order to save resources, many developed countries have developed recycling technologies for plastic packaging, and the regeneration PET plastic slice has been used as food packaging materials in 1991.

At present, my country's polyester PET plastic packaging containers are currently limited to bidirectional tensile polyester blow molding bottles. Therefore, the following mainly introduces the development status of our PET plastics from my country, and suits the leading group of two PET bottle production industries. my country's two-way tensile polyester blow molding is late in the plastic packaging industry, but since the 1980s introduced into the PET bottle production line from Japan, it has achieved good results in a beverage package represented by Cola. Subsequently introduced a large number of advanced national injection PET bottle production equipment, while developing independent intellectual property, suitable for China's national conditions, suitable for my country's national condition It is used in conjunction with a general injection machine, and the PET border is blown to the PET bidirection bottle with a general injection machine.

Domestic two-step two-way tensile PET blow molding machine, but also produce ordinary PET bidirectional tensile bottles, but also produces heat-resistant two-way stretching PET bottles, which can basically cover the volume of products. The imported equipment can produce broad fields from dozens of milliliters of small bottles to 5 gallons. These simple blowing machines not only have the advantages of low-cost, strong mobile, but also produce excellent quality and practicality, two-way stretching PET blowing, so it has received common recognition at home and abroad, In addition to a large number of domestic use, some exports have been exported. Although there is a low production efficiency between these devices and imported advanced devices, poor automation, poor product size accuracy, for some special stringent applications (such as Coca-Coca-Coca, Pepsi, etc.), There must be some difficulties in the application.

In addition, the production equipment of the multi-layer co-blown PET bottle has been developed, but the development and utilization of the two-way tensile PET blow molding machine in the domestic two-step process is not negligent to promote the rapid development of PET bottle production. .

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