How much is the price of the one-time sterilization milk bottle in Hebei?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

How much is the price of the one-time sterilization milk bottle in Hebei? MGG manufactures a disposable plastic bottle, the technical force of disposable sterilization bottle is strong, our product price is moderate, the quality is more secure. Bring the scale, not Calculating a metering judicial system, a measurement of a national Quality Supervision Prevention, shows: Metering is a special product as a special product, and is the main method of completion, for example: scale, electric meter, water meter, etc. The bottle is attributed to the usual container, although it has a scale, but does not attribute to metering, so it is not included in the "National Ministry of Measured Measurement Directory", so it is not attributed to the directory. Zhang Jingyu, chairman of my country Weighing Association, shows that the bottle scale is not accurate, it is difficult to grasp the amount of milk of infant children, and the growth of infant children.

Because the scale "shrink", the protein, fat, heat, etc. in the milk powder will cut accordingly, and the nutrients given by the child will cut. If Dad is inadvertently purchasing, it is inferior milk powder, the protein content is not enough, then, the health of the child will affect more. He believes that in general, the bottle scale has an error in it.

Question is that the error promises within a large range. Thus, Zhang Jingyu called for the manufacturer to pay attention to such doubts, severely measuring, and ensure that the bottle scale is fine, and the fertilizer is fine. In addition, the plastic bottle has a hot-bouquity and contraction, which is contrasting the temperature, its elastic coefficient, a capacity coefficient, and chemical composition, and the manufacturer should fully think out.

Some experts suggest that like some of the human body scales used, the data they appear is not necessarily accurate, and the scale on the bottle is also the case. Therefore, given some dads to feed their children with a bottle to give their children, when they decide the baby's feeding dose, it will not depend on the scale on the bottle.

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