How much is the one-time sterilization bottle in Guangdong wholesale procurement?


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How much is the one-time sterilized bottle of Guangdong wholesale procurement? MGG manufactured disposable plastic bottle, disposable sterilization bottle has excellent quality, you can buy our products to enjoy the enthusiastic service experience. Number of bottles It should be equivalent to the number of times the baby feeds and feeding water, so that the bottle is not delayed when it is damaged. Some parents only bought 2, 3 bottle alternately, only after feeding, washing or use it with boiling water, it is easy to use, this cleanliness is very easy to breed BING bacteria, leading to a baby intestine Dow infection. Meet the bottle and teat, which will accumulate the bottles and teats that have been used, will set clean and disinfection.

The sterilized bottle is used to use the bottle cap to prepare the next day. Never lose money for a bottle for saving a bottle. In general, feeding a newborn baby is mainly used with a glass bottle.

After 3 months, there are some plastic bottles to disinfect the bottle to disinfect the bottle. It is also possible to use boiling water. It is also possible to prepare a pot of stainless steel raw materials. It is filled with cold water. The depth of water must be able to completely cover up everything that has been cleaned. Utensil. Tip: It is necessary for stainless steel pots to disinfect the bottle special, and cannot be mixed with cooking food in the home. If the bottle is in the glass, it can be cooked in the pot with cold water. When the water is boiled 5 ~ 10 minutes, then put the appliance of plastic products such as the pacifier, the bottle cover, and then cover the lid and cook for 3 ~ 5 minutes. It is possible to turn off the fire, compare the water in the pan, and then remove the nipple, the bottle cover, and dry dry, then replace the bottle in the bottle.

If the bottle is plastic, it is necessary to wait for the water to boil, then put the bottle, pacifier, and bottle cover into the pot, and then cook for 3 ~ 5 minutes to shut down. Clean everything in the bottle bucket, put it together in a clean ventilation, put down the cool dry. It is worth prompting that the bottle appliance made of plastic is not suitable for a long time, so advocates that after the water rolls, it is usually cooked for 3 to 5 minutes, if the moment is too simple to change. It is also possible to pay attention to the temperature indicated on the bottle, if the bottle is not resistant to high temperature, you can use the steam pot to disinfect.

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