How to buy food packaging plastics


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Plastic products are loved by consumers with their characteristics such as light, durable, and impact. The food packaging in the market is dazzling, but the product quality is uneven, how to buy and use food packaging plastic products? Look at the appearance - If the appearance of the product is rough, there is a molded defect, the color is not positive, and the impurities, print quality Poor, it is best not to choose. Products that are unqualified in appearance will affect consumers' visual feelings. At the same time, the appearance is a reflection of intrinsic quality. The products that are unqualified in appearance are often inherent to be poor, affecting the use.

The print quality is unqualified, which affects beauty, heavy, and pollutes other items. Wen Wen - Plastic products have a main reason for the use of recovery and inferior auxiliaries. The irritating odor with helicable products will endanger the human breathing system, it is best not to use.

Try - Some products are very bright in order to attract consumers. Dark products with bad quality are in the process of use, these color is generally industrial pigments. Consumers can check themselves. Whether the selected dark color products are qualified: I have a little edible vinegar on the skimming cotton ball, and then the food surface is wiped back. If there is color on the cotton ball, the product is not qualified.

In order to avoid the pigment to penetrate the food, it is recommended not to use dark color plastic products (except for imitation porcelain tableware). If you don't greed, you can't just judge the quality of the product from the appearance. Some products are very beautiful, but the raw materials used are not in line with national health standards, and the inherent quality of the product is difficult to guarantee, and the intrinsic quality is unable to judge. my country has included the food packaging products into the category of production license management.

Relieve some molecular chain breaks after the aging of plastic products, the small molecular material increases, in order to avoid small molecular substances into food, it is recommended that consumers should not be too long. If you are using more times, or watching the product is dark from the appearance, there should be replaced.

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