How to choose a plastic bottle correctly


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Whether you choose a plastic bottle for the material, you must first be suitable for non-toxic, no odor, etc., due to the wide variety of primary materials, this requires a comprehensive function of materials, usually the tablet uses high-density polyethylene. Polypropylene, such as the demand magazine, can be used to use a polyester bottle (PET bottle), and the demand interval is more functional, and the resistance, not clear, use brown PET bottles, liquid dosaged drugs usually use polypropylene or polyester bottles as Main material. Some Chinese nutrient health products and food packaging have been done with PET or HPDE, and the cap will be used in PP. The sealing of the bottle body and the cover and water vapor permeability.

Sealing and water vapor permeability is two of the two tight technological indicators of the plastic bottle, which plays a critical wave in the stability of the packaged product. Plastic bottle quality standards. From the product quality criterion of the production plant, it is possible to analyze the quality of the product quality.

For packaging drugs, nutrient health products, food drinks absolutely unable to use the "food plastics and raw materials for food plastic products and raw materials" issued by the Ministry of Health: "Where the processing plastic food, container, food packaging materials Do not use the recovery plastic. "The rule is released on November 26, 1990. Quality assurance system.

Audit of the supplier has become an essential hub for the acquisition of plastic bottles. After auditing, the production plant can be used to make a full precise assessment of the production plant.

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