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In recent years, PET blow molding bottles have been used in a large amount of beverage packaging, especially carbonated drinks (such as cola, etc.) with their strength (1/10 of the same glass bottle), high strength, transparent, non-toxic, etc. It is even more in motion. In addition, since the bundled glass beer bottle repeatedly exploded the accident, foreign countries have turned to PET bottle packaging, so PET blow molded bottle market prospects wide. The following is introduced by the beauty and plastic technology engineer, which affects the quality of heat-resistant PET bottle in the production process 1. Bottle blank: characteristic viscosity ≥ 0.81cm3 / g, viscosity drop ≤ 4%, storage time cannot exceed 3 moon.

Pure color, transparent, no impurities, no nice, length and surrounding spheres. 2. Heating: A far infrared tube is generated from the far infrared tube in the oven to heat the bottle blank radiation, and the thermal cycle is performed by the bottom fan of the oven, so that the temperature in the oven is uniform. The bottle blank moves forward while moving forward, so that the bottle blank wall is uniform.

The heat of the oven is opened by the tube, and the overall temperature is set, the oven power and the heating of each segment are co-control. 3. Pretty: The stretching rod decreases while starting previl, so that the bottle blank is initially in shape. The pre-blow position, pre-blowing pressure, and blow flow are three important process factors.

4. Mold temperature: The temperature of the mold is controlled at 120 ° C to 145 ° C to eliminate the internal stress produced by the bottle embryo stretch, and improve the bottle plastic crystallinity to abut the high temperature heat liquid, so that the bottle is not deformable. 5. Environment: room temperature, low temperature (air conditioner) is better. 13 years focus on plastic blow molding products, blow molding toys, food containers quality suppliers, equipped with professional European and American export standard production operation lines, full international standardized production process, multi-channel ring control quality inspection standards, quality delivery is guaranteed.

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