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Huizhou Meiguo plastic is a professional manufacturer of 3 years of blow molding, blow molding container. Today, Xiaobian specializes in the founder of Beauty to share some professional knowledge of blow molding bottles. The following is a streamlined content sharing: First, the PET blow molding process is a two-way stretching process, the blow molding process is a two-way stretching process, and there is: stretching - once - blew - secondary blow The three movements have a short time, but it must be cooperated, especially the top two steps determine the overall distribution of materials, and the quality of the blowing is good. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust: tensile start timing, stretching speed, pre-starting and end timing, previtting pressure, previl flow, etc. Temperature gradient PET blow molding in the end of the blank during the blow molding process FAQ 1. The upper thickness is thin: delayed pre-blow time, or reduces the pre-blowing pressure, reducing the gas flow.

2. Head and thin: Contrary to the above. 3. Wrinkle under the bottleneck: pre-blowing too late or the pre-blow pressure is too low, or this green is not cool. 4. Bottom white: The bottle blank is too cold; excessively stretched; pre-blowing too early or the pre-pressure is too high.

5. There is a magnifying glass in the bottom of the bottle: there are too many bottles; the pre-blow is too late, the pre-blow pressure is too low. 6. There is a wrinkle in the bottom of the bottle: the bottom temperature is too high (not good at the gate); the pre-blow pressure is too low, the flow is too small. 7. Whole bottle turbid (opaque): Cooling is not enough.

8. Local whitening: Over-stretching, the temperature is too low, or the pre-blow is too early, or touched the stretch. 9. Ppet blowing bottle of the bottom of the bottle: It may be related to the temperature, stretching, pre-blowing, high pressure blowing, etc. Reduce the temperature of the bottle blank; speed up the stretching speed; check the gap between the tie head and the bottom mold; delay the pre-blow, reduce the pre-blowing pressure; delay high pressure blow; check if the bottle blank is eccentric.

The most common production technology of PET blow molding bottles is blowing, and there are technical processes such as extrusion, injection molding. It is impossible to have problems during production, but the problem itself is the problem of material and machine, then we will rely on our careful inspection. A good bottle is "blown", but it is blown out of the machine, not blowing out.

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