Brief description of the process of plastic cosmetic bottle screen


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The process of crafted cosmetic bottled silk screen is briefly described. 2, plastic cosmetic bottle screen: in the blank transparent or matte or sprayed effect of the bottle body screen, you should use high temperature ink, after the color is baked, it will not fade and not easy to draw, the color is more sinking, choose high temperature Factory manufacturers are silk screen 3, considering more than 2 colors in design, out of the Philippine, text, pattern, line should not be too fine or too large, easy to cause broken or ink, before mass production It should be sampled to avoid color differences. 4, circular bottle with the same color printing according to the number of prints and prints of the printing number and the printing surface of the printing number and the number of prints.

5, plastic container, divided into ordinary ink and UV oil-ink screen, UV ink is more widely used, word and diagram have three-dimensional sensation, more shiny, not easy to fade, can be printed with multi-color effect 6, printed before the printing, confirm graphic After the silk screen effect, the production adjustment period is 4-5 days, the difficulty of visiting wire is difficulty and the number is 7. Usually the silk screen has hot stamping, hot silver and other processing technology, silk screening, machine, printing, printing and stickers Stateless transfer printing and other technologies. 8. When using silk printing flaps, pay attention to excessive handling or collision, avoid grinding silk printing effect, pay attention to choose reasonable sterilization. Huizhou Meiguo plastic professional printing cosmetic bottle, 13 years focus on multi-variety, fast training, mass production plastic blowing bottle manufacturing, welcome new and old guests from all walks of life to come to negotiate business, invest in cooperation.

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