How to purchase plastic packaging materials correctly


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In the face of a wide variety of plastic packaging, consumers are well known, and even mistroduction is inevitable. How should consumers in daily life should purchase plastic packaging materials correctly? 1. First, see logos (1) Recognizing Quality Safety Sign QS 2007, food plastic packaging, container, tool and other products are included in the national industrial product production license certification product catalog, that is The production license should be obtained according to law and other products. Enterprises that get production licenses must reflect QS logo on product packaging. At the same time, you can also check the packaging production license number. Number uses uppercase Chinese Pinyin "XK" plus 10 Arabic digital coding composition: xkxx_xxx_xxxxx. Any plastic packaging material with QS logo, indicating that the product is certified and allowed to produce food packaging According to the unit of the material, it meets the requirements of the relevant standards, the health safety of the packaging food, can be used in the food packaging; through all QS logo, it is the most reliable, As we buy pork, see if there is a test-free stamp, and it means that it is a product that is tested and approved by the functional department.

(2) Viewing the logo information of the product According to the mandatory national standard GB 4806.1-2016 Article 8 Relevant provisions of product information, check whether the logo of the product is complete, correct, consumers can choose the plastic packaging products produced by formal production enterprises. 2. Self-protection by the sensory of plastic packaging materials In addition to the use of the plastic packaging material with QS logo, it is necessary to use the hygiene safety of the plastic packaging material, we can also pass the hygiene safety of plastic packaging materials. Preliminary judgment. (1) The odor is also a more intuitive and easy discrimination method, which can be used as a preliminary judgment of plastic safety evaluation. Whether it is a film bag or hollow container, heat molded container, injection plastic box, etc. The packaging materials for health requirements are produced according to the standards, and generally do not have a odor and strange taste.

In addition, improper production process conditions during processing, it may cause plastic decomposition to produce toxic and hazardous substances (such as PET molding temperature over high decomposition to produce formaldehyde) or film residual organic solvent during dry composite, and can also result in plastic packaging materials Odor. It should be emphasized here that the odor refers not only to odor, but also a variety of abnormal smells such as fragrance (such as some companies to cover the odor of the plastic in the recovery, they may join the fragrance to cover their odor), so there are special The odorful plastic packaging materials should cause extra attention. (2) Look at the appearance, we can make pre-judgments on the quality of the product, such as qualified polyethylene food bags, generally transparent or translucent, if the bag is dark or turbid, or coloring Most of the plastic bags are a fake goods produced by the recovertemia (although the colorant does not - certain.

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