How to choose safe food packaging


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Exquisite food is inseparable from packaging, bottled, paper packaging, fruits and vegetables ... and these packaging will bring great trouble once you use it. Pipette: Try to choose transparent, the color is bright, the larger the safety hazard, especially when drinking hot drinks with straws, the harmful substances will dissolve, the liver, the kidneys may cause damage, should use a disposable straw, try to select the transparent Separate straws. Easy to pull the loop printing is not safe, most of the easy-pull cans are overall exposed, which is very easy to be polluted by dust, microorganisms during transportation and storage, and the pulley is more likely to hide the dirt, directly with the mouth The mouth is likely to cause disease.

In addition, some companies are in order to promote the ink printing in the ink, which will also bring a threat to human health. Bag milk: first cleaning packaging and drink again, there are many patterns and texts on bags, and most of these dyes contain leads, long-term use of nozzles, easy to poison, affect blood and gastrointestinal systems. Therefore, when you drink milk, try to clean the packaging, then cut it with a clean scissors and put it into the cup.

Tin paper; don't add the injection when used. When cooking, use tin foil or aluminum foil to prevent roasting. However, the amount of lead in tin foil is as high as about 50%, and if the breathing tract is sucked, it will be deposited in the lung, resulting in chronic poisoning.

When using tin foil or aluminum foil, if 食材 酱 or lemon juice is added, the acidic substance is precipitated, and therefore, it is best not to add taste or lemon. Paper cup: Cup cup cannot wear "flower clothing." The paper cups sold in some wholesale markets still printed with the pattern.

It is recommended to pay attention to picking "Cup of 15 mm inner cup bottom 10 mm within 10 mm" in the bottom of the cup. Washing film: homework. The plasticizer is a plastic aid, which increases the role of plastic elasticity. It will exude out of contact with grease. After long-term accumulation, immunity decline, reproductive ability. Cardiovascular, liver and urinary system will also be "injured ", Harm may also be inherited to the next generation.

Fruit and Vegetable Tags: Adhesives Hazardous Health. Supermarket, vegetables in the market are generally bundled with a tape of various colors, and some fruit surfaces also have labels. In fact, these tape or binders containing benzene, etc., the chemicals harmful to the human body, which will penetrate into the food inside, and vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, and insomnia.

The rich plastic product factory produces PET, PE material plastic bottles, factory direct sales. What are the advantages of PET plastic bottles 1. PET plastic transparent bottles of oil resistance, fat resistance, dilute acid, dilute alkali, and most solvent. 2, PET plastic transparent bottle has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 to 5 times the other films, and the ability to resist.

3, PET plastic transparent bottle has excellent high, low temperature performance, can be used for long periods of temperature in temperature of 120 ° C, short-term use can be 150 ° C high temperature, can be resistant to low temperature, high, high, high, low temperature, mechanical properties Small. 4, PET plastic transparent bottle gas and water vapor permeability, existing air gas, water, oil and odor.

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