Blowing mold companies should be more uniform distribution


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    For plastic bottles, blow molding machines, blow molding molds are part of the indivisible production equipment. At present, in addition to mainly concentrated in Taizhou Huangyan, blowing machine, in addition to the mainland of Northern Huangshan and South Foshan. Corresponding to it is that the blowing mold manufacturer has only focused on Huangyan, which is very small in the country.

Of course, the manufacturer has concentrated on the development of the model, which is also convenient for buyers who go to Huangyan procurement blow molding mold. However, with the domestic plastic bottle manufacturers gradually move towards the central and western metastasis in the middle of the industry. The distribution of plastic bottle manufacturers is gradually dispersed all over the country.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, replacement of blowing molds and procurement of blow mold speed frequencies is much higher than blowing machines. Therefore, in order to customize the blow molding mold, they often go to Huang, Huangyan, which is an increase in the cost of recovery in plastic bottle manufacturers, and on the other hand, the time cost is increased. The blowing mold is used as a plastic bottle, and it should also be in the case of the current plastic bottle manufacturer, and should be in accordance with this trend, and should not be paired.

    Blowing mold manufacturers can be more close to these plastic bottles, providing a more prefecture-free service for plastic bottles, but believes not only bring more convenience to plastic bottle manufacturers, but also brings more development to the blow mold mold. Possible.

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