Wine bottle cover packaging should pay attention to younger and personalized


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   The current liquor market is sluggish, liquor manufacturers and bottle packaging companies are seeking market breakthroughs, actively seeking transformation. So how do you find breakthroughs for wine bottles? We believe that it should also make changes in the wine bottle cover according to the current market conditions. In the past, the wine bottle cover was mainly concentrated in anti-counterfeiting functions, and there were very few improvements to other respects.

   At present, with the development of the market, the main consumption of the liquor industry has been turned to 80, after 90. These young consumer groups have more intuitive demand for the appearance of the wine bottle. Wine bottle covered in color and styles should also tend to be young.

This is a trend of our wine bottle caps should pay attention to improvement. In addition, young consumer groups have obvious demand for the personalized design of the wine bottle cap, which is not obvious in the past liquor market. Now personalized wedding, custom wine packaging market demand is increasing, and our wine bottle cover manufacturers should have improved in personalized packaging design.

    Our wine bottle manufacturers can only grasp the market changes, can't be done in the bottle cap, need more attention to the young and personalization of wine bottle cover packaging.

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