How to identify the quality of the plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Identify plastic product markers    Most regular manufacturers produced plastic products, which are written on the product or in product packaging.   Whether it is a simple plastic container product or a packaging container for food, it is generally printed on the container with a circular regeneration mark, and the triangle is marked with 1 to 7 numbers, while also indicates the English abbreviation letters of the raw material. The triangular winning bid "1" indicates that the raw material is polyester (PET); "2" means that the feedstock is high density polyethylene (HDPE); "3" means that the feedstock is polyvinyl chloride (PVC); "4" is indicated as low density polyethylene (LDPE); "5" means that the raw material is polypropylene (PP); "6" means that the raw material is polystyrene (PS); "7" means that the material is 1 to 6 plastics.

In this type of plastic, the most widely used polycarbonate (PC) in food. 2. Sensory identifies harmful plastic products   Smelling a pungent or inert-free plastic product may have security issues.   Some kitchenware plastic accessories (such as the pot) encounter high temperatures, it will release the unpleasant smell, which is also poisonous, and excessive inhalation will also harm human health.

There are also some inferior electric thermal plastic sinking kettles to produce a bad smell when heating water. This type of plastic kettle is not safe to the human body.

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