How to identify toxic packaging


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How to identify toxic packaging selection and use qualified food packaging bags, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. Food plastic packaging bags must have Chinese logo, labeling factory name, factory, product name, and indicate "food" Use "words. After the product is factory factory, the product inspection certificate is included. 2. Food plastic packaging bags are smelled before use, identifying no abnormal taste, has special smell plastic packaging bags, cannot be used in food packaging.

3. Plastic packaging bags with colors (dark red or black in the current market) cannot be used in food packaging. Because such plastic packaging bags are often made of recycling plastics. 4. Try to use non-applied, plating materials.

In modern packaging design, in order to make the package more beautiful, corrosited, a large number of materials with a coating. This will not only be recycled, but also brought difficulties, and most of the paint itself has toxicity. Once leaks, the food is polluted, it will have a great harm to the human body. Identify plastic packaging bags with non-toxic and non-toxic methods: 1. Put the plastic bag into the water, after the non-toxic plastic bag is released in the water, the water surface can be floated: and the toxic plastic bag is heavier due to the addition of ingredients, so it will not float.

2. Touch the plastic bag with your hand, transparent, and lubject should be qualified products. The hand is stagnant, and the surface is roughly contain toxic products. 3. Catch one end of the plastic bag with hand, shake it hard, and make a clerity non-toxic; it is poisonous.

4. You can cut the plastic bag, burned with fire, toxic is not easy to combustion; non-toxic fire is easy to burn. When picking bottled drinks, - must pick the bottle thickness, hand-knit should not be easily deformed. The bottle is the best natural, some are too transparent plastic bottles, which may be a transparency containing bisphenol A. This substance will have a bad impact on pregnant women and children.

In addition, it is necessary to remind you to be careful, for example, there is now a common market commonly used for polypropylene, which can be used for microwave heating disposable dishes. Its transparent lid is made of 1 material PET. . The latter is not suitable for microwave heating. The merchant does not inform that consumers can only be fooled because of the lack of identification knowledge in this area.

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