How to identify whether plastic bottles are poisonous


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Plastic bottles of food drinks can be used almost every day. Usually we always think that plastic bottles are throwing a pity, try to use it more, ie Use of taboo. You will think of these plastic products If you use improper use of our health? The network reprints about the 12-year-old girl of the United Arab Emirates, using the same mineral water bottle for 16 months, and experts on the network Reminder: The mineral water bottle is reused. The bottle is safe, if used repeatedly, there is a risk of cancer.

Qualified beverage bottles, mineral water bottles require food grade polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET). PET is a high molecular material that is widely used in food packaging. Although PET is non-toxic and tasteless, it is safe to fill the beverage to the human body, but once it is high or being corroded by acidic solution, it will slowly dissolve and release an organic solvent that is harmful to human health.

Plastic products add plasticizers during the production process, the chemical component is toxic to the human body. If long-term repeated mineral water bottles are used to drink water, cooking oil, alcohol and other substances, easy to dissolve the internal harmful substances, which brings people in vivo. In addition, the plastic bottle of mineral water is used for one-time, and the state stipulates that companies cannot recover, repeated filling, and used plastic bottles can only be used as garbage collection. How can we distinguish the type of plastic appliances to use in proper use? Many beverage bottles, the bottom of the mineral water bottle has a triangular sign with an arrow, which is marked with a number.

In fact, the triangular symbol is a plastic recycling mark, and the triangular is within the triangular numbers, different numbers represent different plastic materials. This is a plastic bottle material encoding system that is to facilitate sorting recycling. It is not a forced system, so some products are not labeled normally.

For our health, we should not eat foods that have not labeled the product number: and we can represent different plastic materials according to different numbers to ensure the safety of our use of food. The above table is the range of plastic varieties corresponding to the bottom markings of various plastic. If there are three numbers of 3, 6 and 7 in the beverage bottle triangle tag, don't drink these drinks.

There is still something to pay attention to. Tongji University Basic Medicine, Li Shuguang Professor's topic, once collecting different brands and different factory dates, respectively, plastic bottled soy sauce oil, reconciliation oil, peanut oil, and bulk soybean sold in the market. After the determination, almost all brands of plastic bottled food was contained, and the plasticizer "dibutyl phthalate" was contained.

According to inferior, plasticizers detected in edible oils are mainly derived from plastic containers. This plasticizer has a poisonous effect on the human reproductive system and is more poisonous for men. At the end of the root, we best best use metal products such as glass ceramic products or stainless steel in daily life, seasoning, seasoning, drinking water, oil, vinegar, soy sauce and other solvents.

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