How to interpret the meanings of a bad triangle symbol and numbers in the plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

First, our country uses a triangular symbol as a plastic recycling sign, "triangle" is a plastic recycling sign. Second, there are 1-7 numbers in the triangle, each number represents a different material, indicating which of the product is made, and what kind of contraindications in use. Number of plastic bottles: 1 PET (polyester) mineral water bottle, carbonated beverage bottle, food packaging bottle, health care product packaging bottle.

Heat to 40-70 ° C, only suitable for warm or normal temperature products, high temperature liquid, or heating is easily deformed. Number of plastic bottles: 2 HDPE (high density polyethylene) cleaning supplies, bathing products. Repeated after cleaning, but these containers are generally not cleaned, and the original cleaning supplies are residual, and become a hotbed of bacteria.

Number of plastic bottles: 3 PVC (polyvinyl chloride) decorative materials. This material is easy to produce harmful substances, even in the process of manufacturing it, and the poisons can cause disease after entering the human body with the food. Currently, the container of this material is much more suitable for packaging food.

Number of plastic bottles: 4 LDPE (low density polyethylene) plastic wrap, plastic film, etc. Heat resistance is not strong. Number of plastic bottles: 5 pp (polypropylene) microwave oven box.

The only plastic box that can be placed in a microwave can be reused after cleaning. It is necessary to pay special attention, some microwave oven boxes, and the box is indeed manufactured in PP, but the lid is manufactured in PE, it is recommended to remove the cover when placed in a microwave. Number of plastic bottles: 06 ps (polystyrene) bowl bubble frame, snack box.

It also heats and resists cold, but cannot be released in the microwave to avoid chemicals due to excessive temperature. And cannot be used to take strong acid (such as a willow orange juice), strong alkaline substance, because it will decompose polystyrene to human body, which is easy to cause cancer. Number of plastic bottles: 07 Other plastic products, kettle, water cup, bottle.

It is controversial to a plastic structure containing bisphenol A. If there is a small amount of bisphenol A that is not converted to a PC, it may be released to enter the food or drink.

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