How to determine the quality of the plastic bottle is good


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How to judge the quality of a plastic bottle? As a manufacturer of a plastic bottle, it can be very responsible. It is determined that the good and bad of the plastic bottle is related to the material of this plastic bottle, and how much can grams. Speaking of the material, the same material is also divided into superior and poor, superior materials to make superior plastic bottles, which means that if the same bottle is used, if it is the same material, such as using PET material, then PET The quality of the plastic determines the quality of this bottle. It can be seen from transparency that the material quality is good and bad, the higher the transparency, and the thickness is quite good, then this is a superior plastic bottle.

There are many kinds of plastic bottles, but they are blown out. The people in the industry are called blow molding, that is, the use of raw materials into a plastic bottle, because the machine is blown into the shape, so it is blown In life, the plastic bottle is already a very common thing. It can be seen in the supermarket, so there is a plastic bottle, people's lives have become colorful, so the quality in the plastic bottle is strict. Control, superior plastic bottles should be environmentally friendly if they are harmless. When choosing a plastic bottle manufacturer, you must pay attention to these questions. Today's plastic bottles are not traditional circular port, which has been slowly different from circular port, and there are various Plastic bottle, square, spherical, shaped, etc.

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