The key to the recycling of the cap is the later treatment.


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

  Each bottle must have a cap and it, which is very large. However, we pay attention to the recycling of bottles, but rarely understand the recycling channels of the cap. Today, let's take a look at the recycling channels and ways of the waste bottle cover.

   First, through the award bottle cover, many merchants will promote the form of aware bottle cover in order to conduct product promotions, including beverages, alcohol, etc. The recycle business in hand in hand. Second, the cap is recovered with the bottle. There are a lot of discarded bottles and abandoned bottles to be recovered, and they are sorted by workers.

Finally, many individuals and crafts merchants will recycle bottle caps, especially metal caps, are used to make crafts.   However, Xiaobian believes that there is no reasonable way for the bottle capsule in the form of bottle capsules. Bottle cover recovery is compared to such hollow products such as plastic bottles, there will be a lot in logistics costs.

It is very important to improve the usage rate and process of the cap.

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