Whether the safety of plastic products is reliable to see additives


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    Health and safety problems of plastic supplies are on the additives of the auxiliary material, mainly to the phthalate and free weight metals in some additives, such as lead in stearate, they are experiencing acidity. Or when the oily material is dissolved into the beverage or food; if the child is sucking it in the mouth, the dissolved lead will generate harm to the human body through the digestive tract. Nothicular diimetut is an environmentally secreted interference with hormone-like effects, affecting the function of human endocrine systems and reproductive systems. Foreign countries have begun to limit o-phenylenedicate in medical materials and food packaging in the mid-1990s. In 2005, the European Union prohibited in children's toys and children's products.

    Stabilizers, lubricants, free weight metals in colorants, can cause chronic poisoning and organ damage in human body, and the organic dyes in colorants also have sensitization and carcinogenic effects.    The Ministry of Health has issued regulations of "Plastic Products and Raw Material Management Measures", formulating the hygiene standards for plastic products. All kinds of plastic supplies that have exposed food are within management, including plastic consumption (spoon, spoon, chopsticks, etc.), plastic container (barrel, bottle, pot, cup, etc.), plastic pipe (material circulation in food processing) Pipeline and tank equipment), plastic conveyor belt (carrier of food raw materials), plastic packaging materials (bottles, buckets, trays, bags, cling film, cover film, bag membrane, etc.).

All manufacturers of manufacturing plastic packaging materials must strictly implement this management approach, and all food manufacturers must also use standard plastic equipment, packaging materials and containers. Therefore, formal production enterprises produce and use plastic food packaging and containers are safe.

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