Which types of powder plastic bottles blow molding


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   If the number of steps in the forming process is different, the molding method of the powder plastic bottle has the following two types.   (Cold cooker). Powder plastic bottles are molded in two machines, and the bottle model is molded, and the bottle model is blown into two steps.

Cooling the created bottle model, cools to room temperature; finally heating the bottle model and tensile blow molding. This method, although the process step is more, the number of equipment is very simple, the formation process step is very simple, and the general people can control; the equipment purchase cost is low; the bottle model forming and tensile blow molding need to be performed separately according to the steps, so Will benefit more professional, scale production.   (Hot flank).

Powder plastic bottles are formed in the same machine. When molding, the bottle model is stretched by tensile blow molding under conditions that are not fully cooled. According to the molding process, the powder plastic bottle is used as the following four molding methods.

   The first, injection of tensile blow molding. The bottle model is molded with an injection process, and the stretch blow mold is carried out.   Second, the squeezing tube stretching blow molding method.

First, the material is first made into a pipe, and the tube is cut, sealed, and the bottle model is made, and then heats the stretch blow molding.   Third, extruded injection tensile blow molding method. The resin is first melted into a liquid state with an extruder, and then the melted resin is extruded into the injection cylinder, injects into a bottle model (secondary injection), and finally tensile blow molding.

   The fourth, extruded compression tensile blow molding method. Also use the extruder to extrude the fused PET resin extruded into the bottle model mold, and make the bottle model, and then tensile blow molding.

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